The Evil Within - Review ( A GT Review )

One of my favorite games, reviews and review cut by Brandon Jones. :)

I am going to miss Brandon Jones Voice overs the most. I think he had the best VO I'd ever heard in the industry.

Final Fantasy Retrospective GameTrailers COMPLETE

GT Retrospective.  

 It's too bad this wasn't available on either or via their youtube channel, at the time I looked for it. Retrospective covered far more than Final Fantasy, and was easily one of my favourite pieces of reoccurring content from gametrailers.

A nod to the late great

I am gonna miss you, gametrailers.

To those who don't know ( I'm late on this news ), has been shut down by their recent owner Defy Media.

Gametrailers was my youtube far before youtube was a glimmer in any gamer's eyes, and has been a source of video content for videogames since 2001.

They helped open doors for some of our most beloved content creators in the video game scene and influenced a great many others.

For news, just follow the link: Sad days.

Over the next few days, you'll see some gametrailers only posts, as I celebrate sjaund in their honour.