Ads and stuff. A heads-up.

Ads and stuff.  A heads-up.
Since the conception of this blog, I have been using adsense.  Recently I received a warning from google that one of my posts violates their ToS and policies for adult content.

More specifically, this post: 

Even more specifically, the picture of Denise Richards in a swim suit.

This raised a small problem, how much existing content can violate adsense's policies.  I'd imagine, quite a bit.  While there's no nudity on the site, there are certainly more risky images than Denise Richards in a swimming suit. 

Since I have more than one website that uses adsense, that won't break their ToS or Policies, I didn't want to compromise my adsense account.  Adsense is the best ad serving network for publishers, hands down.

Sooooooo.... I am left with the question, what's my best alternative?

My goal is to avoid invasive ads. Any ads that forces redirection, or pop-up and pop-under ads, while retaining a decent revenue stream. This will prove to be difficult.

I have already tried two ad networks, and I am moving on to a third, as I haven't been happy with anything I've tried so far. I've noticed with past ad networks, that despite their options to turn invasive ad features off, they don't always work.  

For example, while I was browsing my own blog, I was redirected to porn.  Adult content was turned off for this ad network. This is not something I want to see.  It's not something that I appreciate from other websites.  Especially since I don't agree with adblock, being a publisher myself.

In conclusion, I apologize for any growing pains that my transitioning will cause.
If push comes to shove, I will only serve associate or affiliate ads in the future.

Thanks for being a person that comes here every now and again. :)