Missing Content and Adsense

You might notice that there is some missing content. 

I've decided to forgo all alternate ad services. This is due in large part to their inability to not be invasive.  We will return to using google's Adsense.  Due to this change, I have removed about a dozen posts.  These posts were the most likely content to violate google's Adsense policies.

 Most of the removed posts content can cannibalized and re-added back to the site.  This will be done at a later date.

In the meantime, I will be generating content a little less risky.

There are alternate ad platforms that I may use in the future, but I do not currently meet the monthly page views to use them. I hope to move to another platform so any removed content or slightly risky content can continue to be added. 

Once again, thanks for coming around and thanks for putting with the crappy ads and random hiatuses.