Visual Novel ISLAND - Kickstarter

Frontwing's visual novel and now anime, has launched a Kickstarter to offer a physical edition of both their game and anime, including additional perks.  The below is quoted from their Kickstarter page...

"The anime is currently airing in English on Crunchyroll simultaneously with the Japanese broadcast, and we wanted to work with them to create a special opportunity for fans to get their hands on special deluxe Blu-ray box sets of the anime featuring special bonuses that we otherwise wouldn't be able to make available. Similarly, we wanted to offer an English version of the upcoming physical re-release of the original game, complete with an all-new artbook chock full of interviews and background information about the game. We also have some additional goodies in the higher tiers exclusive to the campaign!"

They currently have a goal of 50k having reached almost half of that by the time of this posting with 44 days left (8k since I caught the campaign this morning).  They have also included an English artbook & and PS4 stretch goal to the campaign.

While I have enjoyed the episodes of the anime that I have seen ( 3 thus far ), I am more excited to see a Japanese visual novel have the opportunity to receive American support.   Hopefully, a successful campaign can encourage more of these types of games to come west.

Check it out here... ISLAND Kickstarter page

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